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Why Navilla

Navilla Stone as one of leading manufacturers of artificial stones, is chosen by many partners:

1. Reliability


----High-end raw material(Aalborg Cement, Bayer Pigment, BASF Chemicals)

----Passed test of freeze/thaw cycles(ASTM C67 & EN 14617-5:2005)

----50 years warranty


2)Quality Control

----Silicon Molds

The life time of each mold is only 100 times which means it can only produce 50 sqm stones/bricks and will be replaced.


3) Production Ability

----We can make 3,000sqm(32,280sqft) a day.

----There are 8 kilns for drying and steam balance, we can deliver final products on time not affected by the weather.

There is a worker to monitor the temperature of kiln, to open and close the kiln at precise time.

We're doing this to make sure the strength of final products meet the standard(ASTM C39 & EN14617-15:2005).


4) Service

----Our service team will reply any questions or inquires within 24 hours.

----We are working with Maersk Line, MSC, CMA CGM, Evergreen and COSCO, they will deliver your goods with no damage.


2. R&D

1)Team(Till end of 2016)

This team including R&D Director(19 years experience in this field), Chief Tech Officer(16 years experience), QA(13 years), Marketing Manager(16 years experience)


2)New items

2 new items come out every month



----Original Samples

We can copy samples of customer.

----Dimension + Picture

We can imitate the texture as your picture in certain dimension.