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About Us

Navilla Stone was founded in 2003 in Shanghai, China.

Navilla Stone started to provide manufactured stones to real estate projects in domestic market like 

Shanghai and Hangzhou city from 2nd half of year 2003.

In 2006, Navilla Stone was very lucky to get an order of 6 containers(2764.8sqm) from a contractor in 

Salt Lake City, U.S. But when the stones arrived at destination port, customer found that there were 

problems with these stones. Finally, Navilla Stone reproduced 3 containers(1382.4sqm) and shipped 

them to customer for free. Navilla Stone lost a lot this time. After this lesson, Navilla Stone realized

 “Quality is Life”, so built following rules since then:

1. Using silicon molds.
In order to get high quality products, Navilla Stone decided to use silicon molds to replace all previous 

molds. And those molds only can use 100 times(to produce 50sqm stones/bricks). New molds would

lead color to be natural and less bending.

2. Using high quality raw materials.
----Bayer Pigment. This pigment will assure the color of stones/bricks not fade in 40 years;
----Aalborg Porland Cement. Stones/bricks are made from this kind cement, the final 

products will go through any freeze thawing;

----BASF Chemicals. This will avoid saltpetering if using in high humidity environment.

3. Inspection during the whole process.
Navilla Stone does random inspection for raw materials before producing; QC is doing inspection during 

process; Navilla Stone does random inspection again before shipping.

At the end of 2006, Navilla Stone passed ASTM and CE test.

In the beginning of 2007, Navilla Stone passed Factory Audit and started to provide stones/bricks to 

Chain Store in North America.

Since 2008, 98% products had no problems. Navilla Stone exported stones to Japan, North Europe. 

Navilla Stone offered 40 years guarantee of our products. 

In 2009, Navilla Stone brought a new modern insulation equipment line into the workshop. The 

maintenance time reduces from 10~15days in natural environment to 2*24hours in the workshop. The 

delivery time was shorter than before.

In Dec of 2010, Navilla Stone got an order from another chain store in North America. They required us

 to shipping before Spring Festival in 2011. At the end from 20th Dec to 2nd Feb 2011, we produced 

and shipped 82 containers(37720sqm) in these 45 days without complaint.

From 2009 to 2013, Navilla Stone developed some dealers in North America, West and North Europe, 

also sent stones to other countries.

Today Navilla Stone continues to offer stone veneers with high quality and outstanding customer service.



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